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HygroSet Digital Hygrometer w/ Calibrating Kit by Dangumm.com

Posted: 3/1/2012 - 1:32:46 PM

Iíve been having humidity problems in my new 125 count humidor that I picked up from Thompsoncigar.com a few weeks back (which I will review sometime next week). The humidity has been fluctuating constantly after it was seasoned then filled with about 100 cigars ranging from 61% to 76% Rh. I performed the $10 bill test a couple weeks back and found that the humidor lid has a slight warp to it so I was guessing a leaking humidor my problem. I had pretty much decided that the humidor was going to turn into a jewelry box for my wife as soon as a replacement could arrive and then I got to thinking, could it really be the hygrometer was the real culprit? So, I shopped around and picked up a kit for $21.95 from Amazon.com consisting of a HygroSet Digital Hygrometer and a 75.5% Rh one-step calibration kit from Humidipak.

Once the kit arrived I followed the instructions for the initial adjustment by putting it in the bag for 24 hours, adjusting the hygrometer then placing it back in the bag for another 24 hours. After this process it was dead on during the last 24 hour period. Once I was happy with the settings I placed it into my humidor and didnít pay much attention to it until the next day. When I did look at it, my humidor was at 71% on the new hygrometer and 64% on the old one. Since then, the old hygrometer is in constant motion as always but the new one has been holding steady.

Bottom line; I saved my self a couple hundred bucks with this purchase and recommend that if you have any questions about the humidity in your humidor this is a great route to go.



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